6 Historical Facts About The Name 'Gurugram'

May 23, 2016

The Millennium City, which changes its map almost every month due to its rapid development, has witnessed another big change. And this time, it's in the name!


I Love Gurgaon: Gurgaon, a mirror to India’s growth

Mar 02, 2016

Gurgaon – originally “Guru-Gram’ named after Duru Dronacharya in ‘Mahabharat’. During the last decade, it has gone through some major changes and has now developed into the ‘Millennium City’ of India.


Have You “Cycled It Out” To Your Gurgaon Office? Try It

Jan 23, 2016

With “Car-free” days in Gurgaon, fizzling out, an alarming question stares not just the authorities but us also. Aren’t we just passing the buck and steering ourselves clean off the responsibility? Are we the culprits of lip service? Complaining of choked roads, tailbacks, pollution, bottlenecks, potholes; that is fine. But, where’s the action from our end. How can we contribute to improve our life on road? Simple, “Cycle It Out” to your Gurgaon office, whenever there is a chance. Here are a few compelling answers to your “Why” and may be a few “NOs”.


Gurgaon the 'NEW' New Delhi: Lonely Planet

Dec 14, 2015

Lonely planet, the largest travel guide publisher in the world, printing over 120 million books in 11 different languages has termed Gurgaon the "New" New Delhi for its dynamism, cultural plurality, and activity affluence. In its discovery of the millennium city, Lonely Planet unearths every aspect that keeps life abuzz in Gurgaon.

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