Clubhouses: Unwinding The “You in You”

Dec 05, 2015

Chilling out at the bar in the company of your favorite cocktail and close friends, tickling your taste buds, soaking in the life of luxury and ease, creating and sharing the moments you could carry back home ñ thatís how a typical day at clubhouse looks.  
It's A "Close" Escape
Life may not allow you an outdoor trip every weekend. But with an escapade in the precincts, you donít need that generosity. Itís like bringing your destination to home.
A Clubhouse is a converging point. You meet the people you know or may not know; share views and opinions, like a few and befriend a few ñthatís how bonds begin and develop. 
Food For Thought
Ask the gourmets, and you will have one more reason to be at Clubhouse. The variety in tastes and flavors gets hold of you; the aftertaste goes back with you.
The Quiet of It
In Clubhouses you have those small quiet pockets; a silence with of absence of words but presence of meaning. It's an ideal place to talk to communicate with self. 
A Potpourri of Facilities 
Whether you wish a pampering spa treatment or need to work on that office document, you have it all there in the Clubhouse. 
Call them an escape or call them a point to socialize, Clubhouses are in true sense the healing touch, you need every now and then, to unwind the "you-in-you".