Have You “Cycled It Out” To Your Gurgaon Office? Try It

Jan 23, 2016

With “Car-free” days in Gurgaon, fizzling out, an alarming question stares not just the authorities but us also.  Aren’t we just passing the buck and steering ourselves clean off the responsibility? Are we the culprits of lip service? Complaining of choked roads, tailbacks, pollution, bottlenecks, potholes; that is fine. But, where’s the action from our end. How can we contribute to improve our life on road? Simple, “Cycle It Out” to your Gurgaon office, whenever there is a chance. Here are a few compelling answers to your “Why” and may be a few “NOs”.


It Doesn’t Take As Long As You Think


I put up in Mahipalpur, a peri-urban town on the outskirts of New Delhi. It’s just 15 km from my office at Arjun Marg, Gurgaon, a stretch that can be easily wheeled in 30-35 minutes by an automobile. The plight is such that congestions, hold-ups, defunct signals, and whatnot keep me stuck in lanes for close to 70 minutes every day. I tried the same route, but on cycle, and to the surprise of my life, all it took was just 45 minutes to clock 15 km. You may experiment and reach a conclusion yourself.


Work In the Pink of Health


Going green with envy at the sight of chiseled models, their six-pack abs and beaming faces, has only one answer – go and get it. The first step could be cycling. It’s a great muscle workout that beefs up your stamina,  strength  and  aerobic  fitness, reduces body fat, lowers stress level and promotes overall cardiovascular fitness.  If you believe your performance relates to your fitness, cycling is one of the answers.


Ditch the Routine: Relive The Childhood Days


Nostalgia is not always grim. At any stage of life, it’s a breather to be able to look back into the past. From school to home, paddling against the steamy winds of June, sweating buckets before an escape in the air-conditioned room- those are lost images. You can recreate the same world, with only addresses changed- try it, you’ll admire the walk back down the memory lane.


Saving Never Hurts: If Not For Self, For A Good Cause


You may be the cream of the crop in an MNC, pumping in hefty dollars, minting money as you always wished, but your car dents holes in that big bag. Owning a cycle, operating it and maintaining it, is incomparably cheaper and the savings can be put to a better use. Unless you have a special love for your love handles, cycling to your Gurgaon office, is a promising experience. Your Environment, Your Economy and Your Health are the beneficiaries while a tad bit adventure, thrill and novelty are the add-ons.