Invest In Customized Residential Apartments In Gurgaon

Feb 09, 2016

Developers across India are coming up with new ways to allure the real estate consumer market, and it is no different with the real estate builders in Gurgaon. It all started with the development of international standard residential and commercial projects, which was then followed by a variety of flexible payment plans to attract new buyers. The latest trend is to allow the customers to customize the residential apartments in Gurgaon, according to their personal needs.

Yes, now it is possible to customize apartments to match one’s personal needs. The choices of the real estate buyers differ considerably, so to meet individual demands, the real estate builders in Gurgaon are offering special customization options. But before investing in a property, you must understand that customization is only allowed in the interiors. You cannot modify the exterior; this is because there needs to be uniformity in the exterior look of the residential apartments in Gurgaon. 

Offering customization options is a great way to allure customers since everyone wants to stay in a home or apartment that has been built according to their preferences. Everything from the fixtures, flooring, the size of the bedroom, living room, etc. can be modified. But you must remember that modifications are allowed to enhance the features only, you cannot diminish them. Also, the price may vary to some extent depending upon the extent of modification required.

Types of Permissible Customizations

If you are willing to invest in a customized residential apartment, here are the types of modification that are allowed:
  • If you are willing to buy a large apartment at a reasonable cost, then you can buy two small apartments and join them together to form a larger apartment. There is only one main door, so from outside it looks as if it is a single apartment.
  • You can upgrade the electrical and plumbing fixtures. If you have specific requirements regarding the electrical and plumbing fittings, you can implement them in your apartment. 
  • You can alter the size of the rooms if you want. If you want a larger master bedroom, you can alter the size of the other rooms. Same goes for the kitchen and bathroom. Most developers would not allow you to modify the balconies since it will affect the outer aesthetics. 
  • If you are investing in a fully furnished apartment, you can ask for an upgrade for the furnishings. You can customize the cabinets, wardrobes, etc. and utilize the space according to your needs.

If you want to customize an apartment according to your choice, make sure you communicate with the builder during the construction phase. Once it is built, it might become expensive to make alterations. The popularity of customized apartments is rising across the country, and we can expect to see more of them in future. List down your choices and preferences and talk with the developer about what can be accommodated and what cannot be. There’s nothing better than being able to customize an apartment according to your needs, so if you are looking to invest in real estate, make sure you invest in a property that can be customized.